Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hello, Friends!  Long time, no see!

(Frankfurter peeking over the arm of the couch from under his blanket.) 
It's been a long time since I've been able to update my blog with a lot going on!  Last spring (I know!  Spring!) I started having some stomach issues, getting sick and throwing up from time to time.  I just thought I had some bug, it would go away and I'd get better.  I was tired and didn't feel the greatest, but I was super busy at work and with lots of other things going on, I didn't pay too much attention to it.
By July, I couldn't ignore it anymore.  I felt awful!  I went to the doctor and found out that my thyroid levels weren't right.  I thought this explained my constant aches and exhaustion.  We adjusted my medication, and even though it takes time for it to balance again, I just kept getting sicker and sicker. 
By August, I couldn't work anymore.  I couldn't eat anything but a few graham crackers a day without getting sick.  I was so weak I could only stay in bed.  I fell when my legs gave out and I couldn't get my arms to move up fast enough to break my fall, giving myself my first big black eye.  I was no longer allowed to drive, after taking myself to the doctor's office when I couldn't find a ride.  Thankfully, my parents arrived on August 21st, and started taking me to different appointments to try and find out what was wrong.
My first test, an ultrasound, showed that I had gall stones, however, since I was so sick, the doctors didn't think that's all it could be.  They ran a series of other (expensive!) tests but nothing showed up, except the gall bladder.
Finally, on October 9th, I had my gall bladder removed.  Because I had been sick for so long, the symptoms didn't go away like people who have an attack and are okay in a week.  It took another month to finally start feeling better. 
In November, I was finally released to go back to work.  Unfortunately, after missing so much time, I had to resign.  This was very hard because I loved my job and the leaders and kids I worked with at church.  It also has caused some setbacks with my sleep and stomach being upset again.
As far as my health goes, my thyroid is back in balance.  I have regained most of my strength and just have problems with some nausea.  I have a "Super Power" nose and can smell EVERYTHING so I can't stand to eat in a restaurant yet, although I can eat take out food at home. 
My Mom had to go back to Illinois, but my Dad has stayed with me this entire time.  He was going to go back in November, but then he would have just flown back out at Christmas, so that seemed like a waste of money.  Thankfully, they were able to care for me when I was so sick and so weak. 
I wasn't able to stamp because it took too much concentration and energy.  However, after surgery, I learned how to knit.  I made a bunch of scarves and put them on etsy.  After all, one girl only needs so many scarves, even if I do get a new job back in the midwest!  My store is called "The Cozy Scarf"  and you can see by clicking on the picture below.  The picture is made with scarves I knitted!  (If you search for it on, it's all one word, "thecozyscarf." I don't know why!  :) ) 
I had to learn to do something or I was going to lose my mind being at home all that time!  Here are three of my favorites! 


Now that I'm feeling better, I've been cleaning out and organizing to prepare to move.  Ironically, I still don't seem to have a lot of time for stamping.  I'm hoping to get a job back in the midwest closer to my family.  No more Arizona desert for me!  I've been applying for jobs, putting stuff on ebay, filling the recycling bin, and of course- spending time with Frankfurter!  He has been my faithful companion during all of this.
This certainly wasn't how I had expected to spend 2012 and I didn't expect it to end this way either.  But, with my complete trust in God, no matter what happens, Life with a Wiener Dog is still a great life!
Angela and Frank

It's hard work taking care of your Mommy when she doesn't feel good. 


Barb said...

Hey Angela!
Your blog had become one of my favourites, so to say the least I missed it very much. I wondered what had become of you!! I hope your health improves everyday, and I look forward to seeing your creations again. All the best for 2013!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! I just figured you had a new blog and I missed the sign up. Hope you continue to feel better and stronger and all that good stuff. Hugs to you and Frankie.

Chris R. from Iowa

Unknown said...

I am so glad you are back! What an ordeal you went through. My 45 yr-old daughter went around a year being sick, test after test without knowing what was wrong. She finally has a diagnosis. But the not knowing & endless tests were terrible. So happy you are finally through the worst. Take it easy & don't push yourself to hard. We miss you when you aren't around. Your scarves are beautiful! Hugs!

theresa said...

So happy that you are on the road to being well! I am also a knitter and your scarves are beautiful! I'm in Missouri...and welcome you back to the midwest!

Patrice Herrera said...

Hi Angela, I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you move somewhere close to West Virginia so we can meet!
You are a true artist my friend no matter the medium you are surely talented!

Wanda said...

Hey Angela, found your blog on someone else's who shared her first snow photos since she moved from CA to WV. And I thoguht I'd check your blog out. So sorry to hear you have been so sick for so long. I'm glad you are feeling better and your sweet dog is now getting some rest too. Hope you find a job soon. I have not stamped either for a long time - gave up SU and have enjoyed it without stamping. I have also been selling on Ebay and Etsy and Bonanza. But think I only concentrated on Ebay during the holidays - it was slow this year - not like last year at all. But at least I did sell some things and got rid of them. Miss seeing everyone on the groups - but now I can concentrate on selling my house and cleaning it out. Hope you are having a great Christmas Day and feel blessed that you are feeling much better now. Take care of YOU and weiner dog and DH. Love to you, Wanda McGlamery

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Angela, a new year and a new start! Sure sounds like you need it! God is good all the time! He will always provide for us when we truely trust in him. I will be praying for you, your improving health, a new job,a new place to live, and much love and prosperity in the new year! God bless and keep you!

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