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PTI Celebrating the Past, Present and Future: 2014

Hello, Friends!

Welcome to the 2014 Celebration of Papertrey Ink's stamp set releases!  Because the trend of Papertrey Ink's celebration seemed to be to pick a favorite stamp set from the year featured and make a card with it, I had already looked ahead and chosen this stamp set, Feather Finery, for my 2014 card.  However, PTI also chooses 5 stamps from each year to revisit and if you have one of those five sets, you're supposed to dust it off and use it instead.  Luckily for me, Feather Finery was one of the 5 stamps they chose!  I was so glad because I really wanted to get this stamp set inky!

I don't have a big thing for feathers.  I know they are really popular, but I'm not particularly into them like some people are.  Don't get me wrong, when I see one, I am amazed at how intriquite they are.  I am awe-struck that God could put a bunch of them together and have an animal use them to take flight.  I'm not diminishing feathers in any way, either, they just aren't my particular thing.  Wiener dogs are my thing.  Also, pretty stamps are my thing which is what led me to get this set.  

I think this feather stamp is gorgeous.  Whether it is stamped in a single color or multiple ones, I think it is beautiful.  So, when I found someone selling this set at a bargain basement price, I got it.  I didn't know how many feather cards I would be creating, but it was just too good of a deal to pass up on such a pretty stamp.  

If you go to Papertrey Ink's blog post on 2014, which I encourage you to do, you will see lots of pretty cards made with it which are much fancier than mine.  When combined with sequins, ribbon, embossing powder or vellum, this set makes one stunning card after another.  I just wanted my card to be very simple though.  I wanted the focus to be on the beauty of the feather and on the message I stamped to go with it.

To get my multi-colored feather, I placed my stamp on my MISTI.  Making sure my card stock would be in the same place each time, I inked part of the stamp with a single color.  I started with the top of my feather, inked it in Simply Chartreuse ink and stamped it on my card stock.  Then, leaving my stamp on the MISTI, I cleaned it off with a baby wipe.  Next, I went to another color of green, Ripe Avocado, and inked my stamp- making sure to get some of the Ripe Avocado on the feather so it would overlap the first green and then stamp some of the feather which hadn't been stamped before.  Even though there's not a lot of Ripe Avocado on it's own on the feather, it definitely added depth to the Simple Chartreuse part.   After cleaning my stamp again with a baby wipe, I overlapped and stamped a little more of the feather further down with Pinefeather ink.  I followed the routine of cleaning my stamp, inking it to cover a bit of what I had just stamped and then some of the stamp which hadn't been seen yet on my card stock.  After Pinefeather, I used Tropical Teal and finished with Enchanted Evening inks.  At the very bottom of the feather, Enchanted Evening is the only ink that you can see.  

I couldn't have done this without the MISTI.  Since my feather lined up perfectly each time, I was able to layer color after color without contaminating my ink pads or having a blurry mess of a feather!  I was really happy with how it turned out!

Also in MISTI territory for people like me who have to stamp their sentiment straight, I stamped part of the scripture from Psalm 91:4 featured in the Walk By Faith PTI stamp set.  The entire verse says,

"He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart."

The verses before and after Psalm 91:4 talk about God being faithful to us no matter what bad things come our way.  Using the same concept as a mama bird who gathers her babies under her wings so they are safe, dry and protected, God will do the same for us.  God's faithfulness remains no matter what and He is our protection, just like a shield or barricade would protect us.  

That verse paints such a beautiful picture in my head.  I love the idea of being gathered under God's protection when times are tough, knowing that He will be faithful and help us deal with whatever comes our way.  

This little sentiment went perfectly with my feather, so I stamped it in Enchanted Evening on the lower left side. 

I mounted my white stamped cardstock on Tropical Teal and Pinefeather cardstocks to bring out those colors in the feather.  Then, very lightly, I traced each line in the feather with a clear glitter Wink of Stella pen.  If you look closely at the picture, you can actually pick up some of the sparkle.  In person, the glitter isn't overbearing at all.  In fact, the light will just pick up the glitter when it hits a certain way.  It's like a hidden surprise when all of a sudden the feather sparkles from top to bottom!

Even though feathers aren't my thing, be prepared to see more of Feather Finery and the sentiment stamps from the set, Walk by Faith, in the future!

Happy Stamping!

I used the following Papertrey Ink Supplies to make this card:

Feather Finery and Walk By Faith Stamp Sets
Simply Chartreuse, Ripe Avocado, Pinefeather, Tropical Teal and Enchanted Evening Ink Pads
Stamper's Select White, Tropical Teal and Pinefeather Cardstock

MISTI by My Sweet Petunia
Clear Wink of Stella Glitter Brush Marker by Zig Kuretake

PTI Celebrating the Past, Present and Future: 2012

Hello, Friends!

You may have noticed that I skipped a few years in between the last post and this one.  I had planned to fill those in by stamping on Sunday and I do have one card finished, but I didn't get it photographed.  Sometimes more important things come up that have to be dealt with and today was one of those days.  I'm just thankful I'm able to stamp again!  If I miss out on a few of the Papertrey Celebration Days, I will just have to show you my favorite stamps from those years later.  Life- I've found that it frequently gets in the way of fun stuff!

Now let's get to today's card!  As a reminder, on their blog, Papertrey Ink has been focusing each day on a single year for the past ten years that they have been in business.  This is part of the celebration of their 10th Anniversary.  For every year, on their blog, they have featured five stamp sets that were introduced that year.  They have shown cards made with it when it originated as well as a card made now with today's styles and techniques.  For the 2012 post, seen here, one of the stamp sets they featured was Hello Sunshine.  This was the first day that I actually owned one of the stamp sets they were showing showing off.  If you owned one of the five special stamp sets, you were encourage to make a card with it for that day's challenge.  

Here is a small photo of Hello Sunshine.  I encourage you to check it out on PTI's website here.  Click on the picture of the stamp set on their page and you'll get a great big version which is much easier to see, so you don't miss out on any of the details!

Hello Sunshine Stamp Set

I was super excited to put this stamp set to work, but I admit, I was a little nervous.  After all, you have to line up all the little points in the center of a circle to get your sunshine to turn out correctly!  Never fear- Papertrey Ink to the rescue!  See that circle stamp on the left with all of the lines running through the center of it?  That is your guide for stamping your rays in a perfect circle, no matter which stamp you choose!  I stamped my circle in Stone Gray, a light gray that would barely show, at the top left of my white card stock.  Then I picked out the 2nd ray from the left to do my stamping.  I could have picked any of them or even stamped a variety of rays for my sunshine.  I liked the same style of ray for my clean and simple card, though, so that's what I stuck with today.

I put my ray stamp on an acrylic block.  This part is so easy, I didn't need the MISTI.  Make note of that, as I will probably never say it again!  In fact, I never thought I would say that ever, but it's true for this step!  First, I put the tip of my ray in the center of the circle and stamped.  Then, I skipped a space in my gray circle, and put the tip of my ray in the center of the circle two spots over and stamped again, always using the same Lemon Tart, yellow ink.  After I had gone all the way around the circle, I filled in the spots I had skipped with a different color of ink, Bright Buttercup, and my sun could have been counted as complete.

This was way too much fun, though, and I was definitely not ready to stop playing!  Throwing all caution to the wind, I pulled out another yellowish orange color, Summer Sunrise, and an orange ink, Orange Zest, ignored the little gray lines and stamped both colors all around my circle.  This gave me rays in the little spaces that the stamp had left the first time I went around the wheel.  I did it in various places, so I didn't have an exact pattern.  It's easy to pick out bright Orange Zest color and see that I only used it seven times- four at the top of the card and three coming down towards the bottom.  This brightened up my sunshine which now had four bright, happy, sunshiney colors all coming from the center!    

Although the center was perfect enough that I could have showed it off, I wanted to add to the sunshine effect.  I used a Papertrey Ink die from the Heart-2-Heart #6 Die Collection to get my zig zag circles.  I cut one from matching Summer Sunrise and Orange Zest card stocks and layered them on top of each other, making sure all of the little zig zags could be seen.  Then, I stamped the other circle stamp in this set with Orange Zest ink on the Summer Sunrise card stock.  The little lines on it are so close together that it makes the card stock look orange, but I assure you, it is not.  I used a circle paper punch, which I probably haven't used since 2012, to punch out my circle and added it on top of the zig zags with foam tape.  You know how much I love foam tape!

Knowing, I was back into much needed MISTI territory, I stamped my greeting from the Papertrey Ink Mini Stamp Set Tucked In:  Thinking of You in Dark Chocolate Ink.  (It was straight because of the MISTI!)  The Tucked In series of stamps are meant to be stamped on the inside of cards, but I wanted to use it as my sentiment.  It worked perfectly with my sunshine theme!  I mounted my white card stock front on a mat of Summer Sunrise card stock.  I then mounted all of that on my Orange Zest card base and this card was complete!  

It came together pretty quickly due to the matching card stocks and inks and the design of the stamp set!  Way to go, Papertrey Ink!

I encourage you to check out this post and see all of the other cards that can be made with this set.  They are awesome!

Now it's time to say goodbye to 2012!

Happy Stamping!

I used the following Papertrey Ink products to make this card:

Hello Sunshine Stamp Set
Tucked In:  Thinking of You Mini Stamp Set
Lemon Tart, Bright Buttercup, Summer Sunrise, Orange Zest and Dark Chocolate Ink Pads
Stamper's Select White, Summer Sunrise and Orange Zest Card Stock
Heart-2-Heart #6 Die Collection

1 3/8" Circle Punch by EK Success
Scotch Double Sided Mounting Tape by 3M
MISTI by My Sweet Petunia 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

PTI Celebrating the Past, Present and Future 2009

Hello, Friends!

This happy card features two Papertrey Ink stamp sets from July of 2009.  They are On My Couch and On My Couch Additions.  I encourage you to check out the links to each set so you can see all the fun couches, chairs, room accessories and sentiments that go along with these two sets.

When I went to plan the colors and design of my card, I immediately remembered the card below, made by Nichole Heady.  It was featured on the blog post remembering Papertrey Ink Sets from 2008.  Nichole is one of the owners of Papertrey Ink.  There are more details about her card here.


These bright, cheery colors caught my eye immediately.  They remind me of a brand new morning whenever I see them used together.  The only reason I can come up with for that connection is that they look like orange juice and the inside of a grapefruit to me!  Nichole and I both used the exact same colors for our cards.  My guess is she doesn't have lighting issues like I do when it comes to taking pictures, so imagine my card in these colors!  :)

I also liked the layout, as well.  So when I was creating my card, I copied several of her ideas and transferred them to my card.

Nichole stamped polka dots to create a background on her Summer Sunrise card stock.  I used Summer Sunrise Patterned Paper featuring polka dots that I put on my Berry Sorbet card stock.  

Nichole and I each created a panel across our cards.  She put hers right in the middle.  I moved mine up to the upper area of my card.  

While Nichole has white scallops across the top and bottom of her Berry Sorbet panel, I made a white panel with a Berry Sorbet couch and a Summer Sunrise rug and pillow.  I stamped my couch outline onto patterned paper and then fussy cut it out.  I stamped my Summer Sunrise rug directly onto the white card stock.  

Nichole stamped her "thinking of you" sentiment in white on the bottom of her Berry Sorbet panel.  I stamped "Rest Relax Recover" in Berry Sorbet on the top of my white panel.  

Nichole's ribbon goes horizontally across her panel to make room for her flowers which are arranged vertically.  My ribbon is on the card vertically to make room for my couch and rug which are arranged horizontally.  

Although it wasn't my intention, it seems as though I did the opposite of everything Nichole did except for the actual card base and panel themselves!  

My sentiment, "Rest Relax Recover" came from the Keep It Simple:  Surgery Mini Stamp Set.  However I got the idea for it from the On My Couch Stamp Set.  On the inside of my card, I stamped the following sentiment from On My Couch Additions:

"hoping you're fully "Re-covered" soon!"

I think this is such a fun sentiment for someone who is recovering from an illness or surgery.  Hopefully between the bright colors and the funny sentiment, a little laughter will make the patient feel better soon!

To see more cards created based on Papertrey Ink stamps from 2009 or the Papertrey Ink post about 2009, click here.  

See you soon with more cards featuring Papertrey Ink Stamp Sets!

Happy Stamping!

I used the following products by Papertrey Ink to make this card:

On My Couch and On My Couch Additions Stamp Sets
Keep It Simple:  Surgery Mini Stamp Sets
Berry Sorbet and Summer Sunrise Ink Pads
Stamper's Select White, Berry Sorbet and Summer Sunrise Card Stock
Berry Sorbet and Summer Sunrise Pattern Packs of Paper
Berry Sorbet 5/8" Saddle Stitch Ribbon

PTI Celebrating the Past, Present and Future 2008

Hello, Friends!

When looking back over my Papertrey Ink stamps, the set that I have which was released before any others is the sentiment set, "Everyday Blessings."  It was released in February 2008.  Because I didn't become a PTI customer until 2015, it had been around long before I found it.  However, it's one of my very favorite sentiment stamp sets and the stamp I used from it for this card is why I love it so much.

When I was in college, I was walking to a friend's apartment at 8:00 at night.  I was on one end of the block and the house, which had been separated into apartments, that I was going to was on the other end.  I called ahead of time.  I told people standing around to keep an eye on me.  However, there was one little spot with a great big tree where it was dark.  Based on the fact that I was being observant and paying attention to my surroundings, I believe that is where my attacker must have been hiding.  

As I passed the tree, suddenly an arm was around my neck, I was pulled slightly backwards and a voice in my ear said, "You have to come with me."  With God's help 100%, I remembered the self-defense moves I had learned in a class I had taken the semester before on how to defend yourself.  I stomped on his foot and elbowed him in the stomach.  He let go enough that I was able to get free and start running.  I ran as fast as I could to my friends house which was just a few doors down.  When I got inside, I let out a scream that was so filled with terror that everyone in the other apartments came out to see what had happened.

I filed a police report but the person who attacked me was never caught.  

At first, it was a big deal, especially on a small campus.  People were really supportive and very aware that I was dealing with this trauma.  As time went by, though, life went back to normal for everybody except the people that were in the apartment where I showed up screaming and shaking.  However, I was changed forever.  When I could sleep at night, I had nightmares.  I never went out at night by myself.  I was scared to go out even with other people.  To this day, I still won't go shopping by myself if it's dark outside.  If I had something to do, I would do it, but I would never randomly decide to go to Walmart if it was already dark outside.  

All of this brings me to why I love this sentiment stamp so much. 

"Someone remembers.
Someone cares.
Your name is whispered
In someone's prayers."

What I wouldn't have given to have received a card like this when I was dealing with the aftermath of being attacked!n A card that said, "I know everything else seems like it's gone back to normal, but I remember for you that it hasn't, so I'm still keeping you in my prayers."  

There have been a lot of other times that I could have used this card.  When my back was such a mess and no one could figure out the problem or when my spinal fusion surgery was labeled a failure, this sentiment on a card from a loving friend or family member would have made it a lot easier to deal with the difficult circumstances.  

During the past year, we have had two familes who are very dear to us in separate incidents loose loved ones to suicide.  One family lost their son and more recently, another family lost their grandson.  Enough time has gone by for both families that I think things are probably getting back to normal for everyone, except them.  Normal will never be normal again.  So I made two of these cards, one to send to each family.  I want them to know that they have not been forgotten, but that they are loved and prayed for on a regular basis.

I paired the sentiment on this card with the bird and branches from the Spring Woods Stamp Set.  I think it added to the peaceful look I wanted to achieve when I made these cards.  This is the card I started making while I was still sick.  This simple little card took three days to make!  One day, I die-cut all the pieces and stamped the birds.  The next day, I stamped the branches.  On the third day, I stamped the sentiment and put it all together.  That gives you an idea of how sick I have been and why my blog has been on hold for most of February.

If you know someone who needs a reminder that they are loved and cared for, please don't hesitate to send them a note that they have not been forgotten.  Speaking from experience, it will mean more to them than you will ever know!

To see more cards based on Papertrey Ink's stamp sets from 2008 or the Papertrey Ink post about stamp sets from 2008, click here.  

Happy Stamping!

I used the following Papertrey Ink products to make this card:

Everyday Blessings and Spring Woods Stamp Sets
Sweet Blush, Prairie Grass, Ocean Tides, Cocoa Bean, Honey Nut and Dark Chocolate Ink Pads
Stamper's Select White, Fine Linen and Dark Chocolate Card Stock
Spring Woods Dies
Dark Chocolate 1/2" Satin Solid Ribbon

PTI Celebrating The Past, Present and Future: 2007

Hello, Friends!

Papertrey Ink is celebrating their 10th Anniversary of being in business this month.  Each day, since February 10th, they have been looking back at a specific year and the stamps that were released during that time.  Unfortunately, I don't have any of their sets from that year to use for today's card.  However, I still found inspiration from 2007 post.  

One of the sets that was released that year was Green Thumb.  This is a card that PTI's customer, Kim Singdahlsen, made with it.  If you'd like more information about her card, it's on her blog here.  I've followed Kim's blog for a few years and her creations are great!

birthday wishes

I had seen Kim's card on Pinterest long before it was on Papertrey Ink's website and always loved it.  Today was the perfect time to use it for inspiration to make a different birthday card.

There are a lot of similarities and differences when you look closely at our two cards.  You may notice that Kim used an embossing folder to add texture and interest to her white background.  I decided to use PTI's Hooray patterned paper for my background.  

Kim has several paper layers on the front of her card.  To me, it looks like she has a white base, a green front on the base, a white piece of card stock stamped with the flowers, the orange card stock die-cut window and finally the white embossed die cut card stock on the front .  My card just has a white card stock base, the yellow die-cut window layer and the patterned paper die-cut window paper as the front.  

Both of our windows have a tiny colored border around the inside of them.  That's because PTI has two different dies, listed below, that cut the same exact shape, but are just a tiny bit different in size.  I was able to cut my smaller window out of yellow card stock and layer it under the patterned paper that cut the same shape just slightly bigger.  This gave me a small yellow border inside of my main window.  For a fun twist, I also used the smallest die to cut the same shape out of the white card base.  This made a window all the way through the front of my card.  Kim cut her smallest die out of orange paper and the larger die out of her white embossed paper to create her window with a small border inside it.  

Next, I stamped this whimsical birthday cake from PTI on the inside of my card.  Because the inks I used were a little light, I reinked my stamp and stamped the different layers a couple of times, directly on top of each other.   With the MISTI, this was super easy and it added to the intensity of the colors of my cake and icing.  The colors of the cake, icing and candle flames all match the patterned paper perfectly.  However, the way the light hits the inside of the card differently than the outside, they look a little bit darker.  Kim stamped her flowers and a sweet little butterfly inside her window.  

Kim stamped her greeting on white card stock and added a button with twine for an embellishment to her sentiment.  Instead of adding my greeting straight across the bottom on card stock like Kim did, I decided to take advantage of my window.  By stamping "Happy Birthday" on vellum, I could adhere it diagonally across my window but still allow the person receiving the card to see the cake.   

The cake is stamped right in the center of the window and is lined up straight, because I'm picky about those thing!  It's just hard to tell when the card is propped open like it was when I took this picture.

Keep your eyes open for a lot more cards coming your way in the next couple of days featuring Papertrey Ink's wide variety of stamps!  I offer a big thanks to Kim Singdahlsen for creating her wonderful card that became the inspiration for my card!  

To see more cards based on Papertrey Inks stamp sets from 2007 or the Papertrey Ink post about 2007, click here.

Happy Stamping!!

I used the following products by Papertrey Ink to make this card:

Paper Clippings: Birthday Stamp Set
Keep It Simple: Birthday II Mini Stamp Set
Berry Sorbet, Lemon Tart, Summer Sunrise, Hawaiian Shores and Dark Chocolate Ink Pads
Stamper's Select White and Lemon Tart Card Stock
Hooray Patterned Paper Collection
Sheer Basics Vellum Patterned Paper Collection-
(the stripes were the perfect width for my sentiment)
Layerz Mat Stack 3 and Mat Stack 3 Dies
MISTI by My Sweet Petunia

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