Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Can you believe it?" Henry Says!

Hello, Friends!
Long time, no blog!  Wow!  Have things changed since I last posted in December.  I am no longer in Arizona!  No more dry, dusty, brown desert for me.  Frank and I are back in Central Illinois where it is green, green, GREEN!  I love seeing the grass, the trees, and the flowers blooming. 
Frank and I have both been through a lot during the past few months.  Most importantly, I thought we were going to loose my sweet Frankfurter.  He completely lost the ability to stand and walk one afternoon while we were still in Arizona back in January.  It was horrible!  My Dad and I rushed him to the vet who told us this was very bad.  Since we were still in the Phoenix area, we picked up my Mom at my house and rushed Frank to a neurologist.  Dr. Levine, one of my favorite people on earth, was able to determine that Frank had a disc that was leaking disc "stuff." It was pressing on Frank's spinal cord so he was no longer able to stand or walk.  Dr. Levine did surgery on Frank, cleaned out the "stuff" and Frank's spinal cord went from being flattened to being round immediately.  Within 48 hours, Frank had been seen, diagnosed, had surgery, was walking and home!  (The longest 48 hours of my life!)  He had to rest for 2 weeks and then was able to start getting back to his old self.   
Frank after surgery with his stitches.
Three and a half months later, Frank is great!  He can walk, stand, run, go up and down 3 doggie steps, (he can go up and down a whole flight, but he's not supposed to.) get excited and do a little jump, stand up and do "tall dog" and even lay on his back again and roll around- the last thing to come back.   
Frank after 2 weeks, on his way to get out his stitches.


All better, relaxing on the couch! 
Life has been hard not having my job in Chandler anymore and I am now looking for another ministry.  However,
Life with a Wiener Dog
is getting better for both of us.  Frank is all better and I'm excited to see what God has planned for us next!
For those of you that have faithfully checked my blog to see if I was back, I am!  This is the first card I've made since last July.  It features "Henry Says" from Stampin' Up and is announcing our blog's return.  Look for more cards, wiener dog stories, and updates about where I am and what I'm doing. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh how scarey for you and the little guy! So glad he is back in the pink of things! I have missed your work and your stories. Where did you end up in Illinois? We live close to Des Moines, IA in Pella. Today is the start of our annual tulip festival and we actually have snow! It was 86 degrees the other day! I wonder if it will reach your area? Looking forward to more posts from you. Hugs and treats to little Frankie and a big hug to you too.

Chris R. from Iowa

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