Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sweet Frankfurter!

Hello, Friends!

If you read my blog post from Friday, you know I was planning to have a peaceful, relaxing weekend with time for fun with Frank and stamping.

Unfortunately, it did not turn out that way. I've been sick with a stomach/aching all over/super tired bug. So instead of showering Frank with all his favorite things on his 11th birthday, Saturday, June 30th, we spent the day in bed. This was not all bad for Frank because he loves "go back to bed with your wiener dog day," but it wasn't how I had planned the time to go.

On Saturday night, when I was going back to bed, Frank was already there waiting for me. He looked so sweet that even though I felt awful, I had to snap some pictures. Here is my sweet puppy (with the little old man face) on his 11th birthday.

These pictures show Frank's sweet personality.

Frank loves his family and his family loves him very, very much!

No matter how hard a day is and what I've had to deal with, this wonderful wiener dog is always anxiously awaiting my return home.

Happy 11th Birthday, Frankfurter!
Of all the little wiener dogs in the whole world, God gave me the very best one.
I love you!


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