Friday, June 29, 2012

SFF Sorry

Hello, Friends!

I'm still here.  Unfortunately, my card is not.  It's been a busy week and stamping hasn't been at the top of my list.  I tried making a card now (late Thursday night) but it is so bad because I am so tired, I didn't want to post it.

I know what you sweet people are thinking.  "I bet it's not that bad."  Well, take that bet back, because it is!  It's almost so bad it's funny.

Tomorrow, a sweet little guest will be staying at my house.  If I can bear to put him down, I will give this sketch another shot.  I could actually probably hold a baby, hold Frank, and make a better card than I did tonight!  :) 
On the bright side, my house is dusted, mopped, and vacuumed.   (Thanks, huge dust storm in Arizona that made my house a sand box, again!)  The dishwasher is empty, the counters are clean, and after one more load of laundry is done tomorrow, my cleaning chores will be complete for the whole weekend.  That should leave some serious stamp time in my future.

Please check out Deb Currier's blog, to see the card she actually created with the sketch she designed.  I'm sure it will be fantastic, as usual!  Then, make your own card and show us at  I will be back soon with more cards to share and a very special post for my wonderful wiener dog who will be 11 on Saturday! 

Happy Stamping!

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