Thursday, October 7, 2010

Frankfurter's Photo Shoot

Poor Frank.

I admit that most of the pictures on my phone that aren't cards are Frank.
Unfortunately, Frank does not always appreciate being the subject of the photos.
He knows to look away and ignore me.

I thought he looked particularly cute laying in the big chair covered with a cream colored blanket.
But, alas, Frankfurter would not allow a good picture to be taken.
However, sometimes I am smarter than Frank. (Yes. I know I said sometimes. That is, unfortunately for me, accurate.)
I got his attention with six little words. "Frank, do you want a treat?"

He looked at me so quickly his ear flew up and got stuck there for a couple seconds.
You see, I already knew the answer to that question and already knew what his response would be, which would end in a cute picture.
That's my wiener dog.
Frank- will work (or look at the camera) for treats.


Anonymous said...

oh to funny!! that is how i am with Speck my mini. he looks so cute in that picture!

Carey said...

Oh how cute. That's my buddy, he knows what is important in life.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy

Erna Logtenberg said...

Ohh this is such a cute dog Angela!! Love this picture!!

Diane said...

What a cute picture! He is a cute baby. We have two little ones so I know what dachsy love is like... like no other :) Thanks for sharing your cutie with us.

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