Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday Update

Hello, Friends,

Frank has made it through Tuesday.  He had both of his treatments at the vet's office today.  His kidneys are still funtioning well.  However, he is not interested in eating or drinking at all.  The vet seemed very happy that he seemed more alert this morning than he had yesterday.  She was gone when he came in tonight, but everything was ready for Frank when he got there.  

He was more alert when he came back from his treatment tonight as well.  On Monday, he came in from the car half asleep and slept like a rock all evening long while I held him.  Tonight, (Tuesday) I was able to hold him and talk to him for quite a while before he fell asleep.  I didn't get to hold him nearly as long as I wanted because my stomach is feeling the effects of all of this and I am super nervous for Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Frank will receive another treatment but they will also do blood work to see if his body is making any improvements.  I don't think I've ever been more anxious, nervous, or just flat out terrified about a phone call before in my entire life.  The blood test results will determine what we do next.  I pray to God with all my heart that Frank's body is improving and we will be able to continue to treat him as he makes more and more progress.  

I will post on my blog when we hear from the doctor tomorrow.  If it is good news, I'll post right away.  If it is not, I'll have a meltdown and then post.  We have no idea when we will hear from her, though, so don't worry if there isn't a post first thing in the morning.  

If you would please continue to pray for all of us, as well as Dr. Reardon, we would greatly appreciate it.  
Thank you so much!

Angela, Frank and Frank's Grandma and Grandpa


Stampinspicer said...

I'm so glad to hear that Frank showed some improvement. The love you are showing him will bring him through and give him comfort each and every day he is going through this. I will continue to pray for Frank, you and your family. It is so hard on everyone.

Anonymous said...

I sent you an E-mail back too. Continued hugs, prayers, and well wishes for you all as well as your wonderful vet. Give Frankie a warm cuddle for us.

Chris R. from Iowa

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