Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Wonderful Frankfurter

Dear Friends,

It is with a broken heart that I must tell you that my dear Frankfurter passed away on Sunday right at about 2:30 in the afternoon.  He was laying on the couch sleeping, next to his Grandpa, which was his favorite spot to be in the afternoons.  

Since I moved back to Illinois, I am the only person that Frank would give kisses.  My Mom used to beg him for kisses, but he wouldn't do it.  They were reserved for his mommy.  This past week, as I have held him every night, I would give me kisses on the head.  I would put my face down for him to kiss me back, but he just didn't feel like it.  

On Saturday night, when I took Frank in my arms, I kissed him on the head and told him how much I loved him.  He stretched his head forward and gave me three tiny kisses.  We were all so excited because we thought that meant he was getting better.  Now it is one of my most cherished memories.

Frankfurter received his treatment this morning.  There were no hints at all that this was coming.  He just went to sleep by his Grandpa and passed away.

We are all so thankful for your prayers this week.  We had almost six full days that we did not think we were going to get to have and they were wonderful.  When I would take Frank in my arms, I would feel him relax.  He would sleep and I would hold him quietly, until I just had to tell him how much I loved him.  I haven't been able to spend nearly as much time with Frank as I have wanted because I am in bed so much of the time as a result of my back.  This week, though, I was able to stay up more, hold him, and sleep beside him.  I know God made this possible because physically, I couldn't do those things before this week.  I kind of feel like Frank and I got to really reconnect this past week as I held him.  I know, if nothing else, that he knew I was still here and I loved him dearly.  We know that we did everything we could for Frankfurter in a way that would be best for him as we continued treating him with our vet's care.  We all were able to spend this special week with Frank.  We took turns holding Frank, petting him, telling him over and over what a wonderful dog he is, how much we loved him, and how he was the best little wiener dog in the whole world.  

Since shortly after I got Frankfurter, I have told him,
"Of all the little wiener dogs in the whole world,
God gave me the very best one."

Indeed He did.  Frank was the best for me when things were going well.  He was wonderful to come home to every day.  He was the first face I saw in the morning and the last I saw at night and what an adorable face it was!
Frank was the family I came home to for years.  All of my home life really revolved around Frank because he is the one who was there.  He did everything with me, except occasionaly he would get tired and go to bed without me.  Even then, he would lift up his head to greet me when I got in bed.  Whether you were gone for hours or just a minute in the other room, Frank was always just as happy to see you.  He always wagged his tail when you walked back into the room.

All of my years with Frank were not quite so wonderful because of the outside world, but Frank always made things a little bit better.  Whether I was crying in bed or sitting on the couch, he was always right by my side.  He would offer kisses to try and help and if that didn't stop the tears, he would just silently lay beside me to let me know he was there.  There have been many days over the past four years when I would have preferred to just lay in bed because of my back, but I got up anyways to spend time with Frank.  Even if he wanted to lay by his Grandpa or would end up going to bed with Grandma, it was worth it just to be in the room with him for that time.  

I feel as though there is a huge hole where my heart was before 2:30 this afternoon.  It feels like part of me is gone because Frankfurter was such a huge part of my life and my parents.  Living without him is not something any of us wanted to have to do.  We are thankful, though, that he did not suffer.  He wasn't in pain.  He passed away peacefully at home, just like we had prayed for that if it had to happen, it would happen that way.  We are very grateful for the time we had with him.  We will all miss Frankfurter so much.  He had the sweetest, most caring disposition.  He was so smart.  I am sure he knew things that we never knew he had figured out.  He was funny.  His facial expressions gave away his thoughts, likes and dislikes.  I miss him so much already.   I'm not looking forward to the coming days as this reality sinks in more and more.  I trust that God had a plan and that it was best for Frank as well as us.  He will be our dog forever.  We will continue to love Frank and be grateful for our time with him.  Nothing will ever change that no matter what.     

If you have a pet at home, go hug him or give her kisses.  Tell them how much you love them.  I can guarantee that no matter how much time you have with them, it just isn't enough.

If you would please continue to keep all of us in your prayers as we grieve our sweet baby boy, we would appreciate it.   We continue to praise God, now through tears, for blessing us with the gift of Frankfurter.  

I love you with all of my heart, my sweet Frankfurter.
You gave me life with a wiener dog.  
I can't even begin to tell you how much better it was
all because of you.



Karen Tenney said...

I've been following you the past week and living it with you. We lost our beloved (Doxie)"Sammy" many years ago due to a liver problem so I knew Frank was having his last days. I'm glad his suffering is over but I also know how hard it is on you now. I cried many nights after losing our Sammy and I know you will do the same. Be glad his suffering is over though and hold him dear to your heart.

Janis said...

Oh, Angela, I am writing this with tears in my eyes. I'm so very sorry to hear about your sweet Frank. My heart is grieving with yours at the loss of your dear friend.

So glad you had this last week with him where you were miraculously physically able to hold him and reassure him of your love for him. I am thankful that his passing was peaceful and natural.

My continued prayers for you and your parents during the days ahead. Thank you for your openness during this hard time. You are loved.
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Kim Heggins said...

Oh Angela...I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Frank. My heart breaks for you and I pray that you will remember all the sweet and wonderful times you had with your little fur baby. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Bandon, Oregon said...

Angela, My Heart and Love go out to you and your parents. So, so sorry for the passing of Frank. My Prayers are with you all as you remember all the wonderful good times and the blessing Frank was in your life.

Always, Faith

Annette said...

I read your post today with great sadness.
I feel connected to you and Frank because
I have followed your blog for many years.
You and Frank had such a special bond. He
took care of you when you needed it, and
you did the same for him. I know it must
be so hard for you and also your parents.
Please know that you are in my prayers and
I hope that your wonderful memories of Frank
will carry you forward.
God bless you!

Darnell said...

I'm very sorry to hear that Frankfurter crossed the rainbow bridge, Angela. I know he brought you and your parents so much joy and comfort. Please don't grieve for too long or fall into a depression; that's not what Frank would have wanted to cause you with everything else you have going on. You were blessed to have him and so many wonderful memories to cherish in your heart. Big hugs, Darnell

Unknown said...

I just read your post and my heart breaks for you in the loss of your beloved Frankfurter. I know how hard this is for you and your parents because he was such a special part of your family for such a long time. So glad to know he didn't suffer and went peacefully. He knew how much you all loved him and you gave him the best dog life possible. It will take a while to get used to life without him and I remember my husband and I talking about all our memories we had of Ruby and that always helped but you will find yourself crying out of the blue and that is normal because he wasn't just a pet - he was family. I will be praying God's strength will get you through the next few months as you grieve your beloved Frank. Thank you for sharing all your stories with us. Love, Pam

blogger on said...

Very funny and creative blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh Angela, I think of you on a daily basis and wonder how you are doing as well as your family. I am really worried I have not heard from you.

Chris R. from Iowa

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