Friday, March 3, 2017

Hello, Friends!

The virus continues.

I'm going to hope by or on Monday that I have something to show you!  

Until then, don't forget to vote on which coloring medium you'd like me to try and work with by clicking here.  

Right now three people have voted.  I appreciate their votes greatly.  Thank you to Chris R, Pam (whom I refer to as Ruby's Mom which I hope is okay) and to the third person who didn't leave a message but did vote.

To the rest of you, come on.  I need more than three votes.  I KNOW more than 3 of you read my blog.  My Mom and Dad read my blog, so I should at least have 5 votes.

Even if you don't care, please vote for one.  Otherwise, a poll that 3 people answer is just sad.

On a different subject,

#crafthumor #craftquotes #tayloredexpressions #cardmaking #crafting #sewing #scrapbooking:

I have another "how true it is!" pin from Pinterest that was made by the stamp/die/awesomeness company Taylored Expressions.

Every day, for weeks now, I have the same things on my "ta da" list.

1.  Feel better from this bug and start walking.  
My legs have gotten terribly weak which means walking anywhere hurts.
This isn't fun at all.

2.  Stamp and make a card for now 4 special people.  It started as 1.

3.  Stamp and make a card for a challenge.  
If completey appropriate, number 2 and 3 could be combined. 

4.  Organize some of my stamping supplies.

Doesn't sound like a lot to ask for, does it???

Thanks to Taylored Expressions, though, 
at least my to do list has a fun new name!

Now go vote, please.  I need votes.  Please click here to vote.

Dad and Mom, this means you, too.  I know you know what my Copics and colored pencils are.  The Zig markers set on the table next to the love seat.  They're in the clear box stored on their sides because I read that was better, but then they just kept falling out of the box so I Saran Wrapped them in.  Good idea, if I do say so myself.  I don't think you've seen my watercolor paints.  I've never tried to use them.  They scare me a little.  This is what they look like.   
Dad, you don't have to be swayed to pick the one that I told you that I wanted to win.  Vote with a clear conscience for which ever one you two want to carry to the table for me.  :)  Click here to place your vote.  At least then I'll have 5 votes, which is still sad, but not as bad as just 3.  


Stampinspicer said...

Yes, Ruby's mom is just fine! Hope you get more votes!! Take care and enjoy your coloring!!

Anonymous said...

I told Ted that I would ask you if he could vote. So, what do you and Frank think about this? I think I know what he would choose!

Chris R. from Iowa

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