Saturday, June 18, 2016

SALE at You Have To Know About

Hello, Friends!

It's 2 am and I am wide awake.  One of the side effects of my medicine is that it gives you "Daytime Sleepiness."  This means when you are up and about during the day, I can pretty much guarantee that I will be asleep.  When you are sound asleep, like probably right now, I am wide awake.  This is not a fun side effect.

However, it did lead me to think of this.

There is a wonderful stamping store online that is having a huge sale right now. 

Oozak currently has 25% off of the stamps and dies that they carry.  The sale is only good through Monday, June 20th at 11 am EST.  

Randy, the owner, carries companies like My Favorite Things (which absolutely are one of my favorite things!), Lawn Fawn, Art Impressions, Avery Elle, Pink and Main, Sunny Studio and a lot more.  

The best part of the sale is that a lot of the companies will let you backorder items if Randy has sold out of them.  Of the four I listed, the only one that doesn't is My Favorite Things.  

He just got new supplies in today.  Have you seen the new piggies from MFT?  Think adorable pigs with sayings like, "Miss You Pig Time" and "I'm in Hog Heaven."

 25% off, folks!  

You can also preorder items from Neat and Tangled, Whipper Snapper, and other companies for...25% off!

Don't forget to check out his Ranger products.  They're 30% off!

Have you seen the new NUVO products by Tonic Studios?  I won some and the crystal drops and glitter in a blog candy giveaway.  They are super great quality and are currently 20% off.

This isn't the world's biggest store, but it is a sweet place to shop.  I highly encourage you to check it out.  Everything I've ever ordered has been in perfect condition and Randy is a great man to work with!  I've ordered things in stock and things that were backordered.  I always received my goodies and have had great experiences with this store.

Randy is a nice man, running this store on his own, to support his family, so I just decided that I wanted to try and help him out by sending this info to all of you.  

Orders over $50 have free shipping, so go as fast as your mouse can click the link to check out Randy's awesome stamping stuff.  

Tell him "Angela" sent you in the comments box.  

Why?  Well, because I'll think it's funny.  Randy doesn't know me well at all.  I'm just a customer he's talked to on the phone twice.  He certainly didn't ask me to promote his store on my blog.  But, wouldn't you think it was funny, and crazy weird, if you suddenly got orders that said, "Angela sent me" when you had no idea who Angela was or why she had sent you???

I also think it would be funny to send Frank's DNA to the doggie DNA people who are supposed to figure out what your mixed breed dogs are from looking at their DNA.  EVERYBODY knows what a wiener dog looks like, especially a 100% wiener dog.  I think it would crack the people up at doggie DNA to think someone was so, let's say...unintelligent, to send in their full bred Dachshund's DNA to have it tested.  If we ever win the lottery, I'm totally doing that just to give those people a good laugh.

This is why I need sleep, People!

Now go check out Oozak!
Tell 'em Angela sent you!
Then come back here and tell me if you found something you couldn't live without!

Happy Stamping
(and sleeping, you lucky dogs!)


Janis said...

Angela....YOU ARE A TOTAL NUT!!! I love it. :)

I am so sorry I fell out of touch with you. My life got totally crazy and it is my fault for not keeping up with emailing. I am really glad to see you posting again! You are still in my heart and prayers, even though you don't hear from me!

I think your idea of the doggy DNA for Frank is just hilarious! Being the wife of a veterinarian, I just bet that would not be the strangest thing that outfit had ever received!

My hubby tells of a new cat owner who came in with his recently-acquired feline companion, worried about his pet's apparent breathing problem. Upon picking up the cat to examine him, the kitty began purring. "There it is...that sound!!! Is he okay, Doc???" "He's fine. That is called purring. That means he's happy." TRUE STORY!!! :)

Okay...I should be in bed, but I am not. And I don't even have meds to blame! Thank you for the chuckles tonight. Hugs to you!!!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I only have a minute but I had to stop and comment about the doggie DNA! I am still smiling thinking about that! I will check out that site later - you know since I am from Iowa - I have to like pigs.

I am hoping you are in a good mood and just not being silly from the medicines. More later, I promise!

Cyber hugs!


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