Monday, June 13, 2016

I haven't forgotten and a tip!

Hello, friends!

I just thought that I would tell you that I haven't forgotten to post my card to show off.  I was in a lot of pain, even more than usual, when I posted to tell you my good news.  I was trying to think positive and focus on the fact that I had finally gotten to make a card and not the fact that my legs felt like they were on fire from over-using the muscles.  I think going up and down the stairs was okay, but getting up and down to create my card was not.

As it turned out, my "fire legs" lasted well into the middle of last week.  I tried going downstairs anyway, because I didn't want to lost anything I had gained.  I don't know if it made things worse, but it definitely didn't make them better.  It was also enough to let some little bug out there take hold because I haven't felt well ever since.  My system seems to be so worn down that it's easy for me to catch any little thing and then hard to get rid of it.  

On the bright side, the backdrop for my picture is ironed and the camera batteries are charged.  One good day and I'll have a picture for you!

Now for the tip!  Are you familiar with Evernote?  It's a program for your computer which you can also access on your iPhone or iPad.  It seems to have tons of different uses, but I've been using it to catalog my stamps and stamping supplies.  There is a free version and one that costs $25 a year, depending on how many items you want to enter into it each month.  I've been entering my supplies by company and then putting it into one of 3 divisions.  For example, I have

Stampin' Up Stamps and Dies
Stampin' Up Supplies (must haves like card stock and inks)
Stampin' Up Embellishments (like ribbon and buttons).

I've done this for every company of loot that I have.  Some require all three sections, like My Favorite Things and Papertrey Ink.  Others only require one, like Paper Smooches and Sizzix.  You can make as many sections, called notebooks, as you want.  

The best part about Evernote, for me, is that you can tag your items to search for them.  So, after I have entered and tagged all my stamps with wiener dogs, for example, Evernote will pop up with a picture I copied and pasted and information about each stamp set with a wiener dog.  I'll be able to find all my word dies to see if I have one that says "Get Well Soon."  I'll be able to see all of my colors of blue card stock.  I'll be able to find every stamp set with a religious sentiment in it.  I love that as I list patterned paper that matches card stock colors, I can put those colors right in the note.  No more trying to figure out what those colors were, searching through old catalogs, or looking for the information online.  When I'm done, it will be at my fingertips!  I can also search by color, like Real Red, to see all my patterned paper with Real Red in it.  AWESOME!  Anything I took the time to tag, I'll be able to find from my computer, my phone or my iPad.  I can also look to see if I already have a certain item already so I don't ever make duplicate purchases.  That hasn't happened often, but every once in a while I forget (usually when there's a fantastic sale online and things are going quick).  When you've been stamping and collecting stuff for way more than 10 years now, this is an invaluable resource.   I'm finding it's also easier to pick out what I no longer want to keep.  As soon as I'm able, ebay is going to be very busy with some great items that I just don't use or want anymore.  

I will say Evernote takes as much time as you want to put into it.  Since it feels like I have all the time in the world right now, it was a good time for me to do this.  However, if you just wanted to catalog a few things, you could work for 15 minutes a day or do a set number of items a day and make significant progress!  
I know other stampers found this resource long before I did, but I highly recommend it.   I'm also using it for insurance purposes.  Eventually, all these stamps end up costing a lot of money, so making sure I can prove I had all these goodies with Evernote and some pictures is a wise thing to do.  Although we all pray we will never be in a situation to need that information, it is good to have.  Check it out and if you have any questions, I'll try to answer them.  I'm still new, so I'm not a great source of information, but I'll do my best to help.  

Keep watching and very soon I hope to have a card to brighten up your day on my blog for the first time in a long time!

Until then, do some stamping for me and if you have a blog, let me know so I can follow you!

Happy Stamping!


Teresa Doyle said...

Hi Angela. I am glad to hear you are still plugging along and hanging in! Thank you for the tip, I would like to check it out.
As you may remember, I won something from a contest you had done a year ago, but I no longer have your address. I have thought of you over the past few months and wanted to send you a Thinking of you" card but couldn't:(
Could you email me your mailing address? My email is:

I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.
Thanks in advance and I hope you are having a good day today!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela! Hope today finds you in a little less pain and feeling better!

Thanks for the info on keeping track of your stamps and other stuff. I need to do that as well as just get organized. So, I will check into that for sure.

Frankie would like what I am doing this morning. I am making little doggy treat bags for an on-line auction benefiting a basset hound rescue league. That is where we adopted Henry from, the dog we had before Ted who owns me now! They are super simple to make but oh so cute. You just use a 6x6 piece of cardstock and it makes the little bag and a little card with no waste. I hope they sell.

Chris R. from Iowa

Unknown said...

It was good to hear from you again! Hope you start feeling better soon! Thank you for your tip. I have so many stamp sets that I forget what I have and go looking for what I have in my mind and take forever finding it. This sounds like a great way to keep track and stay organized and I like to be organized. Take care and I look forward to your seeing your card.

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