Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day and Health Update!

Hello, Friends!
Happy Mother's Day to those of you Moms of people kids and animal kids!
You haven't heard from me since surgery and you're going to hear from me a lot this week, so I thought I'd send this message first!
Surgery went well.  I had it on Wednesday afternoon and went home Saturday night.  The doctor and nurses were happy with how well surgery had gone and how my recovery was coming so I got to come home one day earlier than was possible.  We had some "speed bumps" as the surgeon called them, but overall things went very well.  One speed bump was when a nurse, going too fast, bumped my IV and knocked it out.  It had taken two people three tries to get it in.  It took three people six tries to get it back in after she knocked it out.  I even tried going without it, but without it, I couldn't get one of the pain medicines I needed and finally had them start trying to get it in again.  Thankfully on the 6th try, an anesthesiologist nurse got it in on her first try.  I still love that woman and always will!
Another speed bump was that my incision became infected.  This infection really wore me out.  Thankfully, we were able to get it cleared up with antibiotics and the infection didn't cause a huge problem like it could have.
So how am I doing now?  I'm definitely on the road to recovery, I'm just in the slow lane to recovery and I'd like to be in the fast lane! LOL!  I am still on pain medicine and muscle relaxers because this was such a major surgery and my back was so bad by the time I had it.  I still have muscle pain on the left side from the surgery and a different "speed bump" that happened.  The biggest surprise I have had is how weak all of my muscles are- arms, legs, etc. and how long it is taking me to get that strength back.  I am very weak and get tired easily.  However, that is slowly getting better, too.  Soon I will be able to start physical therapy and that will help build my strength back.  While those things are still negatives, I walked farther than I had been able to walk last week in months and months.  Before surgery, I couldn't stand to ride in the car at all because the bumps in the street caused so much pain in my back.  The bumps still bother me, so I don't go very far, but it's not nearly as bad as it was and is getting better each time.  With time, my back and strength should continue to get better and better.  I can tell things are improving just not quite as fast as I'd like.  I'm ready to be well 100% and back to a normal life.  However, I'm a lot closer than I was before surgery so I have a lot to be thankful for!
You're going to see a lot of posts from me this week.  Thankfully, I had made most of my cards before surgery because I haven't had the energy to make them recently!  I hope to feel strong enough to keep my blog going after this week.  I miss stamping and have spent hours during recovery looking at cards on Pinterest and other people's blogs. 
Thank you for your support and prayers during this difficult time before and after surgery.  At least now I am on the "recovering" side of things with my back and I pray things just keep improving! 
Happy Stamping!

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