Friday, July 25, 2014

Health Update for Frank and his Mommy


In January, 2013, Frank had a disc slip in his back.  It pinched the nerves in his spine and began to paralyze him.  Within 2 days, he had surgery and was recovering in great shape.

In April, 2014, another disc slipped.  (We knew this was possible from the first tests.)  My Dad recognized the signs, which were caught much earlier this time.  We took Frank to the vet who sent him to Purdue.  Within 2 days, he had surgery and has recovered in great shape.

Somehow, we don't know how because we were carrying him everywhere, Frank tore his ACL.  We went back to Purdue.  He had surgery within 2 days and had a great recovery.

This summer, one side of his mouth swelled up.  We took him to the vet.  They tried medicine first, which didn't help.  They did surgery on his mouth which was very infected.  He had to lose some teeth but that doesn't slow him down any.  He has recovered.

He now bounces and spins around the house like a puppy.  He's 13 years old!

He is now referred to as "super miracle dog" because the vet can't believe how well he has done.

Did I mention I have pet insurance for Frank?  Yep, I do and there wasn't one problem from his insurance in any of the four surgeries.


In February, 2013,  I hurt my back while packing to move.  I toughed it out until the move was over.

After moving, in April, 2014, I tried bed rest for a month.  My back didn't get better.

In May, 2013, I went to a chiropractor for one month.  Great man, No help.

In June, 2013, I went to my family doctor who got pale when he saw the X-rays of my back.  He sent me to the pain clinic.

July 2013- January 2014, I started going to the pain clinic about once a month.  I had shots, test procedures, procedures to burn the nerves with radio waves.  No help.  I tried different medicines.  They didn't really help either.

In February, 2014, I was assured what the pain clinic had done would work.  I just needed to give it more time.  They've had a lot of time now.  My pain is getting worse not better.

March 2014- April 2014  I'm still in pain everyday.  I can't ride in the car because the bumps hurt too bad.  I can't stand or sit because of the pain for any length of time.  I can't work, because I need to be laying down.  I'm taking pain pills 3 times a day on top of the pain patch I wear 24 hours a day which is usually reserved for end stage cancer patients.  I can't sleep because of the pain.  I'm miserable.

May 2014  I tell the pain clinic I'm still in pain.  They tell me I can come back in September, 2014.  They don't recommend another doctor, suggest another pill, etc.  I'd say, they wished me the best of luck and kicked me out, but the truth is they didn't even wish me the best of luck!

July 2014, I see a new doctor who wants a new MRI.  It takes my insurance over a week to approve it.  I can't have the test for a week and a half.  By then, the doctor is on vacation but I can see her on August 21.  Not that they called to tell me or ask if that would work.  That's what the appointment card I got in the mail said.

Since January 2013, Frank THE DOG has had 4, count 'em FOUR, major surgeries and has recovered from all of them.

Since February 2013, I, a HUMAN, have had nothing done that has helped me.  I don't even have a diagnosis.  I am in constant pain and have 0 quality of life, unless you are a homebody who prefers being in so much pain you can't even rubber stamp, which is why my blog is rarely updated.  Too much work in too much pain.

For the record, I am so glad Frankfurter hasn't suffered like this.  I just wish I could have the same kind of care he has.

Can you feel my frustration?  I just want to have a normal life, be a productive citizen, support myself, love my wiener dog and make pretty cards.  I trust God that sooner or later, it will happen again.  If it doesn't, I know He has other plans and I will trust Him no matter what. 

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