Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Prayers for Frank

Hello, Friends!

Frank is not doing as well as we had hoped.  We took him to his local vet who agreed that something is wrong.  He is not walking correctly or putting pressure on two of his feet now.  He is definitely worse than he was when he came home on Sunday.  My parents are taking him back where he had surgery where they will take him right in as an emergency.  This way they will start treating him immediately.  
It is snowing again here.  The weather isn't the greatest now and some of the roads my patents will be traveling on aren't very good when the weather is perfect!  
Please pray that the doctors will be able to find out and fix what is wrong with my sweet Frankfurter right away.  Please pray for safe travel for my parents as they are concerned for Frank.  I still can't go because of my back so please pray I can hold it together while I wait at home!  Thank you so much, friends.  
Angela and Frank 


Lynn said...

Sending Prayers for your beautiful Frank. I hope he improves!

Dianne said...

Angela, I have prayed for Frank and your parent's travel. I have my own little weiner of 15 years named Doodlebug, and I fully understand your love for Frank. Please keep us posted!


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