Monday, March 17, 2014

Oops! Frank is Improving!

It is 1:15 am on Monday morning and I just realized I never put a card on my blog.  I can live with that but I didn't want anyone to think it was because of Frank.  He came home Saturday afternoon.  The poor little guy looks like he's been in a knife fight and lost.  His chest is shaved with stitches.
His back half is shaved down his leg and has a bandage on it covering more stitches.  Frank was asleep when my parents cat saw him.  Frank runs at and scares the cat so they aren't best buddies.  However, the cat was genuinely worried about the dog and wondered what on earth had happened to him!  Then when we had to add the cone so Frank wouldn't lick in the night, the cat was even more perplexed.
  Frank doesn't seem to be in much pain.  His neck is doing great from the first surgery.  He can put a tiny bit of pressure on the leg that had surgery but he's very good about letting us carry him wherever he needs to go.  I can't carry him very much because of my back so this is falling on my parents.  Frank is very good about taking his medicine.  The only things he doesn't like are icing his knee so it doesn't swell and wearing the blus, soft cone.
  Since I'm trying to write this on my iPhone I'll close.  See you with a card and pictures of Frank soon!
  Happy Stamping!


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