Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hello, My Little Gecko Friend

Hello, Friends!

One of the perks of living in the desert are the little creatures that live here with us.  That sounds like I like it, doesn't it?  Twice now, I've found what has turned out to be the common house gecko in my house.  I found this little guy in the room I use for storage.  I saw something run when I went in.  At first I thought it was a cricket, but upon further investigation, it was this little gecko.  That's a pistachio nut on the counter next to him.  So, you can see how tiny he is.  I was afraid that to put it in there with him for fear that he'd climb on it and make a run for it and I'd have to catch him again.

Believe it or not, he was actually kind of cute and it was amazing to see this little tiny creature walking around in the bowl.  He reminded me how amazing God is and that all His creation is valuable and matters, even a tiny little gecko.

Last September, his cousin, pictured above, was in my kitchen.  He was a little bit bigger.  I was able to grab him by his tail and put him in the same green bowl.  (From now on, it will be the gecko bowl.)  I was able to crop his picture so you could see him better.  At work, though, I found out they can drop their tails and if they do, the little ones don't usually survive.  That made catching the little guy in the top picture harder, but I got him and released him into my backyard.  He was a fast little runner when he decided to leave the green bowl.  I can handle finding and catching these little geckos.  But, if I find one that's six inches long in my house, which is how big they can grow to be, Frank and I are moving.  Some of God's creatures are meant to live outside.  :) 

Happy Gecko Catching! 

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