Sunday, November 13, 2011

Alive and Well...pretty much

I just wanted to let everyone know that Frank and I are alive and well...pretty much.

Frank is doing very well.  His hearing has improved a lot over the last few weeks.  He can hear me when I talk to him and will come from anywhere in the house when I call him.  He can hear some noises outside.  He doesn't bark at everything he used to hear, but it is much better than it was.  He's happy because I am so thankful when he does hear a noise that he gets to bark longer than usual!  (Frank doesn't stop barking if you tell him, "no."  He only stops when you tell him "good dog."  Apparently he prefers postive reinforcement since he's being a good dog and protecting me.)

Unfortunately, I haven't been as good as Frank.  I went on a wonderful vacation and had all of my cards made ahead of time and set to post, which they did.  However, I came home with the worst stomach flu I've ever had in my life!  It started on the plane on my way back to Arizona.  You know it's bad when the stewardess keeps checking in on you because you're throwing up and you're so sick you can't leave the bathroom!  I was sick for a week and then it took another week to regain my strength. 

About the time I recovered from the flu, I threw my back out.  I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the kitchen where I had medicine that would help with the pain and tight muscles.  The funny part of this is that Frank thought we were playing, since I get on my hands and knees to play with him.  I'm crawling through the house about to die and Frank is jumping, running, and barking, having a grand old time! 

So, I still don't have a new card to show you.  My back is better than when it went out, but I couldn't stand to make anything tonight.  Hopefully by the end of the week everything will be working right at the same time.  ;)

For those of you who can stand to sit and create...

Happy Stamping!


Barb said...

I hope you are on the mend! I enjoy receiving your blog and was wondering where you were!

Debbie W. said...

Oh my gosh -- what a terrible couple of weeks!! Tell Frank that it's his turn to take care of you. Hope you feel much better very soon.

Patrice H said...

Oh Angela I am so glad you are feeling much better! I hate it when my back goes out I feel your pain. The Flu is awful too too!I just loved this sketch Feel better soon.I'm glad you had a great vacation.

Carey said...

I have been worried about you!! I read your blog and kept thinking where is the girl? I figured work was crazy. Do you think you got the stomach stuff from eating at the Reed's Harvest? Hee hee, just kidding. Frank please continue to help your mommy get better, we miss her when she is gone. Give her some extra love from Roscoe and me.

Carey and Roscoe

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