Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Sweet Frankfurter

Let me start by saying right off the bat that Frank is alright.  I know some of you will worry when you see this that Frank might have passed away, but he hasn't. 
I also know how many of you who follow my blog like my cards but love Frankfurter.  It's okay.  I love Frank way more than my cards, too. 

Frank had an ear infection in both of the ears when we went to the vet almost two weeks ago.  I put drops in his ears for a week to get rid of the infection, but noticed this weekend that he couldn't hear me when I talked to him or walked into a room.  I thought it was just the infection and his ears were plugged up or swollen so we went back to the doctor today.  The infection is gone, however there are side effects of using ear drops.  Of course they are rare, but do happen.  One of the side effects can be hearing loss, which can be temporary or permanent. 

Frank is definitely dealing with this side effect right now.  He hasn't lost his hearing completely.  He can hear you if you say his name loudly when you are right beside him.  We are praying that this will only be temporary and soon he will be back to barking at every little noise he hears!  His vet is wonderful and was very upset that this had happened.  I know she only did what she thought was best for him.  (Frank is quite a hit at the vet's office.  Everyone says, "HI, Frank!" when he comes in.) 

Right now, we're just waiting to see what happens.  Either way, he's still my sweet little wiener dog and nothing will ever change that!  He acts the same, he just can't hear.  His nose still works because he smelled the leftover pizza I heated up in the microwave last night! 

I know some people think it's crazy to pray for animals, so if you don't want to pray for Frank, feel free to pray for me!  I know we all did what we thought would help him, but I still feel awful that this has happened to him. 

Thank you to all of you who are Frank fans!



Carey said...

I am praying for both of you. This happened to my grand dog. He hasn't gotten a lot of hearing back but he has gotten some. Hopefully, Roscoe's buddy will get it all back. You are right when I see something about Frank in the title I get scared and think something has happened and he has gone to the great doggie heaven.

Carey and Roscoe (hoping his buddy is OK soon)

Anonymous said...

It is not silly and it a priviledge for us to do so. Our furbabies need help sometimes too. So, you and Frankie will be in my prayers and I will get my basset, Henry, to think some good vibes your way. I, too, thought oh no when I saw the title. It was a year ago I had to put my beloved Murphy down, Keep us posted on his progress. I haven't been very good at commenting on your blog but this one definitely needed a comment. Hugs to you both!

Chris R. from Iowa

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