Friday, July 29, 2011

No SFF this week- Frankfurter time instead

My sweet Frankfurter had surgery today. He had to have a couple of teeth removed and some little lumps removed from his legs. Every time, I tried to leave him to go to my stamping table, he would start to whine.

Since Frankfurter comes before stamping, I don't have a card for this week. I had been ahead in stamping and posting on my blog, but... you know how that goes!

You can see Deb Currier's card that she made for today's sketch at Then, you can create your own sketch based on today's sketch and show us at

See you on Monday!

Happy Stamping
(or spending time with your wiener dog!)


Tammy Fite said...

Oh, I hope Frankfurter is feeling okay!!! Give him a hug and kiss for me!!

Patrice H said...

Hi Angela, I am so glad Frank is feeling better. You were right to take care of you baby guy first. That is what any good Mother would do. He needed you and you were there for him. See you next week. I'm sending him Furry Hugs from "The Boys"
Roscoe's Auntie Patrice

Debbie said...

Babies ALWAYS come first, no matter whether they have two legs or four! Hope Frankie is bouncing around again soon.

Hugs from Max and Gus,
California Wiener Dogs

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