Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wiener Dog BUSTED!

"Life with a Wiener Dog" needed a wiener dog post. So, here it is.

I know what you wiener dog people are thinking. "Why did she leave that box of cereal where that sweet little wiener dog would be tempted?" If you're not thinking that, I can guarantee that my parents are.

So, let me explain. I was at Walgreens and they had "Cookie Crisp" cereal on sale. I haven't had "Cookie Crisp" cereal for about 25 years, but I remember it well from my childhood. It turned the milk into chocolate milk just by being in your bowl.
So, in a blast from the past moment of weakness, I bought it.

It's not as good as I remembered and it doesn't fill you up at all, so I wouldn't eat it as breakfast anymore, but just in a handfull for a snack. This particular evening, I sat it on the floor by the computer.

Thinking I was not paying any attention, the intelligent wiener dog approached. He quietly sniffed the box and then gently knocked it over. I had already seen this, but was careful not to let on that I was aware of what he was up to. Being a good crafter and occasional scrapbooker (more blogger these days), I didn't grab something to knock Frank away, but instead my iPhone to take pictures.

Picture 1. Mmmm... I smell Cookie Crisp.
Picture 2. I believe I shall try one.
Picture 3. BUSTED

Now, please don't send me messages that chocolate will kill my dog. I love him dearly and only let him eat one so I could capture this all on my phone.
However, picture 3 would be worth it because he looked so guilty!
You have to admit that picture is funny.
Frank could not have looked so busted, ironically like a child with his hand caught in the cookie jar, if he had been human. He was clearly caught and clearly knew it.

Ahh, my little wiener dog. Nice try. Now it's back to dog food and treats for you, my friend.


Brenda said...

This is too cute!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! That is hilarious!! The look on his face is perfect!! Seen this done in my home.... Just never got the photos!!!

Holly / InkPaperStamps said...

Framed! You've been framed, Frank! Get thee to a lawyer's office, Frank--I smell a Cookie Crisp settlement. . . .

Crafts by Heidi said...

This is so cute & classic for a wiener. My son had a a wiener dog & I caught her one time with a cheeto bag over her face after cleaning out the bottom. she shook & shook her head trying to get it off. It was so funny & I will never forget it! Thank you for sharing this moment with us!

Veronica said...

LOL Love these photos!

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