Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wow! I have a blog. It will be about my life. The things I love that I've loved for a long time. The things I don't make enough time for like stamping cards for my friends or playing the piano. The things that are important to me, like a good book I'm reading or a new recipe I tried. The things that make me happy, like my church, a clean house, and a good quote. Even some challenges, like losing weight and being healthy- mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I seem to be quite linked to my wiener dog, Frank. Frankfurter is my 8 year old miniature dachshund. He is a good guy to be linked to! He is a red smooth-hair, with a white and gray little old man face. Frank makes me happy. He is funny- like when he runs the loop in our livingroom around the couch, loveseat and coffee table at breakneck speeds. He is smart-like when he rolls the window down in the car by himself so he can stick his head out the window. He is a comfort- like when he licks the tears off my face when I cry. (Most men could take a tip from him in how to deal with a crying woman.) Most people who know me know about Frank. So, I get wiener dog birthday cards (4 of the same one last year!), wiener dog shirts, and wiener dog figurines. I like them. I now send wiener dog cards to people because they kind of expect them. So, "Life with a Wiener Dog" seemed like an appropriate title for my blog.

Well, my first post seems like it should be longer, but since part of being healthy is trying to go to bed earlier than midnight, I will sign off. Stay tuned for more updates, pictures, and posts.

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